Y Sound Healing and Meditation CDs for Health, Freedom and Happiness

Sound Healing CDs and Meditation CDs for Health & Happiness

Do you want to create a healthier, happier, more loving and fulfilling life, but sometimes feel stuck in the process?

Are you ready for results?

At Spirit Treasures, discover the sacred sounds- treasures from Spirit – that easily and safely empower you to achieve your greatest state of health, happiness, prosperity and freedom.

Be sure to check out our Vibrational Healing page, describing how sound medicine works.

A Sound Healing Miracle
Several years ago, Reverend Misa, the woman who created Spirit Treasures, was asked to assist an elderly woman (who we will call Ellie) in strengthening her heart as preparation for surgery. One of this woman's heart valves was not functioning well, making her heart too weak for surgery on an aneurism.

Misa was flown out to the woman's home they spent one week together working toward the simple goal of strengthening her heart. Ellie had a remarkable ability to visualize that she discovered in the process of working with Misa. So their regular routine was for Ellie to lie down on the couch and allow her mind to bring her a visual image of health while Misa sang sacred healing sounds to her. Then, before she fell asleep, she would again affirm that she had a strong heart.

Misa parted company at the end of the week and patiently waited to hear the results from Ellie's next chest x-ray. The following week, the x-ray showed some remarkable results. This 80-some year old client had grown an entirely new heart valve and had been determined ready for surgery!

Sound healing is a gentle and natural way to promote your physical well being. Clients regularly tell me their sound healing sessions were pleasant. Imagine healing for your body that actually feels good.
Reverend Misa

Sound Healing CD Recordings
After her experience with Ellie, Misa worked with many clients in person, but was unable to actually record her healing sounds on CD. Recordings tended to sound like several minutes of static and garble.

It was a few years after her experience with Ellie, when she had access to some high end recording equipment, that she was finally able to record the sounds. Only months after making several recordings, she began making sound healing CDs and meditation CDs available to her clients.

She was finally able to share with many individuals the kinds of healing sounds that had been so successful in Ellie’s profound healing experience. The ability for people to listen to the healing sounds a few minutes every day allowed them to have their own remarkable experiences.

However, she had a vision some years later showing here that a day would come when she would no longer be able to record her healing sounds. She can feel that day coming as her sophisticated recording equipment strains with some of her most potent sounds.

She does not know how long she will be able to record, especially personalized sound healing CDs and meditation CDs for individuals.

Here you can listen to a sample of Misa's Immune Builder CD

You Are the Ultimate Healer

Ultimately you are the one who heals you. Misa knows how challenging the journey can be because she has healed from her own serious illnesses to create a life of on-going joy and fulfillment. So now, she is delighted to assist others in their journeys. She is pleased to provide assistance as she reaches out her hands out to a circle of new and old friends who are in need of support.

As a healer and creator of healing products, providing sound healing CDs and meditation CDs is way of saying, "Hooray for you!" It takes tremendous courage and commitment to better your quality of life, and your ability to offer greater service to humanity and our planet. Sound healing CDs and meditation CDs are a way to honor and support you for being the incredible, dedicated life-enhancing person that you are!


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"Progress means ease, relief, peace, less strife, less struggle, and happiness."

-Hazarat Inayat Khan

“Misa's voice has been described as one that opens doorways...."

Nancy Soukup, Seeds of Change, Vancouver, WA

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as if everything is."

-Albert Einstein

"I have never heard tonal vibrations come from a human voice like that. To call it a sound is naively elemental. Her sounds are from another plane of consciousness.”

-Kristi Olson, Toledo, Washington

“Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us. We taste only sacredness.”



“Millions of people today – one out of three Americans, according the medical profession’s own surveys – are seeking alternative healing methods. They are searching for techniques and comprehensive programs that can be used to maintain their basic health, stabilize their emotions, and relieve common ailments.”

-Don Campbell
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